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Researching and compiling a pub quiz requires a lot of time and effort. At Free Pub Quizzes, we take all the hard work out of becoming a quiz master and staging a successful pub quiz.

I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you – each of our pub quizzes can be downloaded as a PDF file, printed directly from the screen or even emailed directly. You can print out entire quizzes, just select rounds or even compile your own themed quiz by clicking one of the categories on the right. Use the search function to select even more tightly themed questions.jim

Each pub quiz has 4 rounds, and each round has 15 questions. This is the best format in my experience, but feel free to use as many or as few questions as you like in your quiz.

Feel free to download and print the answer sheet at the bottom of the page.

Some useful tips for running a successful pub quiz:

  1. Remember that the main reason pubs will host the occasional pub quiz is to attract customers and sell more beer. I particularly like the 4 rounds of 15 questions format because it gives the punters ample time to get the next round of drinks in before the next round starts while you mark the previous round, and doesn’t run too long over all.
  2. These days it’s easy to cheat using a smart phone or device to look up the answers. My best solution to this is to insist that all cell phones are placed in the middle of the table and should anybody reach for their phone, all other participants have the right to see what they are doing. This way the teams police themselves.
  3. Use a stop watch or install a timer on your phone. Try to limit each question and time to answer to about 1 minute. This means your quiz should run longer than about an hour and a half including the time you need to mark the answer sheets.
  4. After marking the sheets each round, read out the answers. Don’t do them all at the end.
  5. The most successful pub quizzes offer some sort of a prize – it doesn’t have to be much, I find the best is to get the pub owner to offer a certain number of free drinks or a meal from behind the bar.
  6. Try not to charge an entry fee. If you do your job well, the pub owner will see the value in running a regular pub quiz if you’re pulling in the punters and you can charge the pub directly for your services.



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